Latest Carlisle United football news

Morecambe highlights Morecambe highlights
Stevenage keep losing, so it's just a case of getting to the end of the season and picking up points. Which we did.
Cheltenham highlights Cheltenham highlights
Not good, but not bad either. We desperately need someone to get onto the end of balls put into the box.
New forward arrives, others out New forward arrives, others out
Carroll and Elliott have gone, ending up at Stevenage and Dundee. This lad Patrick looks promising though. Good luck.
We've signed a Guy We've signed a Guy
Some more hopeful signs at BP with 18 month deals for better players being offered. Or is it 18 months = better players?
Hope's replacement arrives Hope's replacement arrives
Not inspiring, but at his age he'll need a new contract so might be up for it. Is he fit though?
No Hope No Hope
He's gone to Swindon. Now their fans can experience the frustration that is Hallam Hope. Full of promise, but........
New Left-back in
Recent broken leg, hence the medical. If he performs like Watt he'll be OK. If he plays like Webster he won't
Cardiff home highlights
A much better performance but it had better carry over into the league or we're in trouble. Right?
Have you seen the Miller man?
New striker in. Abode seems to be making steady progress, so let's see if he can find the net for us. Good luck to the l
Branthwaite to Everton
And about time. Well done EWM, here's some money back. Thanks to the News and Star.
New defender in
Big lad, and another "prospect". Interesting - an 18 month deal and we may have bought him. Now there's a change!
Cardiff highlights
Enough to keep you busy for 8 minutes. Was that ball out? I thought so at the time and still do. VAR? Only joking
Cardiff report
...from one of their lot, very fair, comprehensive and well-written. True about the draw too.
Crewe highlights
Skip to the second half not avoid the horrorshow
In. Another midfielder, what joy. Good luck to him though.
Walsall highlights
All my geese are swans. I really didn't see this coming
Walsall - the opposition view
They think that should win. No sh*t Sherlock. So do I.
Bradford highlights
Could have gone either way, but our failure to score is becoming worrying.
Colchester highlights.
As I keep saying, the downward spiral continues. Some abject defending but Beech can't see it.
Macclesfield in the clarets again
That'll be another six points gone then. At this rate we'll be safe by February.
Sorensen's gone
And so ends one of the worst loans in the history of CUFC
Grimsby highlights
The stats show that we had only one shot on target. I think it was more than that but Grimsby could have blocked all day
The Grimsby view
Despite their woes, we were "absolutely shocking" and there for the taking. I can't argue with that at all.
Morecambe highlights
Scrapping for points is what we're reduced to following the assembly of around the poorest squad I've ever seen. We can'
Macclesfield in the clart
Tomorrow's game off and a continuing lack of cash leading to players not being paid and refusing to play. Can't blame th