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Get kitted out without getting ripped off
Buying and selling football shirts is becoming big business.
Join the football chat with fellow fans
Whether you're an Aberdeen fan, Burnley supporter, Man Utd mad or Wolves crazy, there's a Footymad forum for you...
Simpson wants positivity
Carlisle United boss Paul Simpson has called on fans to get behind the team as they kick off the new season this afterno
Latest from Cumbrian Crack
The latest updates from the board...
Accounts to June 2019
Make of them what you will. Someone cleverer than me will tell us what they mean. Debt's up though.
What's in your loft?
I've got a signed ball, but I suspect that's not what they're looking for. Anybody got owt?
Match report - Leyton Orient
Jon Colman strikes again. At least he went!
There's money coming
Good work from the EFL, but they need to be a bit more forthcoming on contingency plans or some Clubs could go under.
Sport v Coronavirus
Great article on the BBC site about how sport can help in times like these. Pity it can't happen - or is there a way?
Football finances with no football
Another stunning article from Jon Colman. I love the bit about Premiership responsibility.
Newport highlights
A better performance against a poor Newport side. But why do we blow hot and cold? Sublime or ridiculous?
Colchester highlights
Let's face it, we were poor, nearly as bad as Cambridge. Beech surely knows that most of this lot can go next season.
Dolly's off
He seems to have been with us forever but he's off to pastures new. Good luck to him, and to his replacement.
Cambridge highlights
A win, and about time. I only listened, but it all sounded one-way until Lambe scored. Good win!
EFL turkeys fail to vote for Christmas
Oink. Gobble. We all know why Nixon is at CUFC - it's all about his EFL status. Outside Directors are a must, surely?
Gray to Chester
On loan with a 24 hour recall clause. This has got to be a good idea to keep him fresh.
Callum Harris
After scoring in a friendly a couple of weeks age, he's still with us. Free agent, once at Wolves.
Cambridge injuries.
Could be a couple of theirs crocked for the weekend, Psaw will hate that. We're no strangers to injuries either though.
McCarron's doing well
Shame we can't keep hold of players who are any good - do we have a sell-on? He's been noticed and can only improve now.