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Morecambe highlights Morecambe highlights
Scrapping for points is what we're reduced to following the assembly of around the poorest squad I've ever seen. We can'
Macclesfield in the clart Macclesfield in the clart
Tomorrow's game off and a continuing lack of cash leading to players not being paid and refusing to play. Can't blame th
Kukucgate Kukucgate
A man of principle on the Trust Board? Well he was but now we know why he resigned, just not what the proposal was. Four
The opposition view - FGR The opposition view - FGR
They fancy their chances, so do I. It'll take more than a new, unproved, manager (hello! If you're looking) to win this.
Beech in Beech in
About which I have to offer a resplendent... Who? I need to be convinced, so convince me.
Cambridge highlights Cambridge highlights
Probably the worst football I've seen since the Kavanagh era. What chances we did make were of the cow's arse and banjo
Port Vale highlights
We played better with 4-4-2 but who can account for Webster? Our defence will be the undoing of us, and the trap-door lo
New approach for the Club
Maybe not a takeover, Orr maybe it is, but it's not a case of whether this approach will be knocked back, but when. The
Macclesfield in the brown stuff
Report from the BBC. It's not just the failure to pay players, it's now also a financial complaint to the police. Let's
Morecambe highlights....
...for the masochists among you. Shortly to be renamed as Pressley's swan song. Poor stuff, but how much is Branthwaite
Macclesfield highlights
Nice to see us running our luck for a Chang's and taking the big chance that came our way. Still rubbish football though
Dulwich Hamlet message board
For anyone who's interested. And, no, I'm not the Griff posting on there. Nice little board that. Sounds like a similar
Orient highlights
Never a penalty for me, he went down far too easily. Still, a useful point, but what did it take a change of formation t
Jon Colman article...
...on the current situation at the Club and what it would mean to get relegated. As always, Jon writes with common sense
The opposition view - Orient
They reckon a draw, or a good win for them. I'm not surprised nor do I disagree. I hope for the former but expect the la
Northampton highlights
Only for those who like horror stories. No tactical awareness, no talent on the pitch, how long can this go on?
What Northampton fans expect
Nothing less than a win, with only one exception. And who can blame them?
The Plymouth fans' view
We're a "very poor Carlisle side" apparently, though I could have told them that. So, that's now everyone noticing that
Plymouth highlights
Hardly at the races again due to inept tactics. Almost everyone watching could do a better job of setting up the side th
Blackpool Trophy highlights.
I don't go to these games, and nor should you while the competition is blighted by Prem League lads' exams. So why not j
Crewe highlights
Poor all over the field, and dominant for only 10 minutes. The downward spiral continues and with our lack of talent on
Rangers reserves highlights
A useful runout for the spare players and a cracking goal from the Rangers lad. Nice to see these games being arranged.
Newport highlights
Played well, beaten by a last minute speculative shot. No need to panic - move on. We do need to beef up the finishing t
Switch-off week.
No, not the telly-buttons when our highlights are on. Giving the players a rest every 6 weeks. Is there any evidence tha
Oldham highlights
They must have struggled to put together enough to fill 2 minutes. A regulation save from Collin apart, they were no thr