GUESS THE GATE: New leader

By Al Woodcock
Last updated : 09 September 2002
Bermuda's finest leads the way in race for Dublin weekend prize

The first prize is a weekend in Dublin
The battle for the top prize in the Guess the Gate competition is starting to HOT UP. As the average gate comes down, the scores are closing up and after two weeks, it's TIM CARR who has taken over at the top, just SIX away from the current average of 6,706.

Tim can hardly have been using first-hand experience of home gates to make his estimate, as he lives in Bermuda. Anyway, that hasn't stopped him from replacing BARRIE MOSSOP on the top of the leader board. He was on top of the world after Week 1 but has slipped well down the rankings following the 4,501 attendance for the Rochdale game on Friday night, which was made all-ticket following recent 'controversy' over the reported gates. Rumours that this was an 'inside job' to get an early lead in Guess the Gate have proved unfounded!

Tim is being chased by MICHAEL THOMPSON and PAUL MASON who are the only two contestants to guess exactly the same - 6,684, just sixteen adrift of our leader. Michael was also the first person to enter - so it seemingly pays to get in there early. Just bubbling under the top 10 after a rise of 19 places is ADAM SHERIDAN, who is currently responsible for TWO CUFC websites - Carlisle Till I Die AND the official CCUIST site as well as being earmarked to do the new Official Supporters' Club site. Adam has just started a new job in Carlisle and now lives within spitting distance of Brunton Park - making him a regular fixture at home games.

Spare a thought for arch-pessimist PAUL SMITH who was one of only two tipsters to go for a sub 4,000 average attendance. He is still last of all after two weeks but things are slowly looking up - as the average is coming down towards his figure all the time. Surely it won't get right down to just 3,642 though? Only time will tell.

The prize is being provided by NEAR AND FAR TRAVEL of Carlisle, members of the Travel Trust Association. Near and Far have an office in Carlisle at 5 Lonsdale Street and you can phone them on 01228 599445 or fax them on 01228 402214. They are also contactable on

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Tim Carr6712612625
Michael Thompson66842222725
Paul Mason66842232825
Mike Halford67352942521
Chris Green67453952419
Graham Minshaw66664062923
David Crosbie67504472316
Kevin McDonagh66584883022
Rob Scott Buccleuch67554992213
Paul H Irving665056103121