United Reserves 9-1 Aspatria

Aspatria goalkeeper Martin Sowerby starts game wearing Mark Gillespie's number 20 shirt. Former Blues YTS midfielder Sean Law starts the game for the visitors

Carlisle start with Ben McKenna just behind a front two of Ryan Bowman and Andy Cook, Marc Bridge-Wilkinson, Matty Robson and Kevan Hurst in midfield, Steven Swinglehurst and Tony Kane in the centre-half spots, and Lance McGlen at right-back and Matt Osmond at left-back, with Tony Caig in goal

3 mins - Kane 30-yard shot over top

4 mins - Robson cross from left, Cook, ball slightly behind him, spoons 10-yard shot over

6 mins - Robson to Hurst edge of box, shot wide far-post

8 mins - Hurst corner, Kane 8-yard header wide near-post

10 mins - B-W chip 30 yards, Sowerby takes under bar

12 mins - Bowman 12 yards out on right, Sowerby parries shot and takes at second attempt at near-post

15 mins - B-W chip 20 yards, Sowerby takes under bar

18 mins - Kane to Robson, cross to far-post, Cook good close range finish on volley, 1-0

20 mins - McKenna shot 22 yards, sliced well wide far-post

21 mins - Robson on break to Bowman, 18-yard curler on weaker left foot across goal and wide of near-post

25 mins - Hurst to McKenna, will hit volley 15 yards, inches past near-post

27 mins - B-W to McKenna, back to Robson, 18-yard curler on weaker right foot across goal and in at far-post, 2-0

29 mins - Cook down right-hand channel, inside left-back Scott Beattie, slides 10-yard shot under Sowerby from tight angle, 3-0

30 mins - Hurst to McKenna, low 20-yard curler into far corner, 4-0

31 mins - Richard Hudson shot for Aspatria pulled wide of far-post from 25 yards out

32 mins - Cook to McKenna, 22-yard shot saved by Sowerby

35 mins - Sean Law corner for Aspatria, Hudson 8-yard header over, moments later, Law to Hudson, cuts in with skill past three defenders and Caig, great saving block on close range shot by Swinglehurst to deny certain goal

36 mins - B-W 22-yard free-kick deflected over, Robson corner in on bounce, Cook 8-yard header saved well by Sowerby

39 mins - Robson to B-W, 22-yard shot saved

40 mins - Osmond cross in, Cook to McKenna, 15-yard shot, Sowerby gets fantastic firm hand to it and is unlucky to see it go into his far corner, 5-0

41 mins - captain Paul Cuthell long throw for Aspatria, Hudson on chest, 18-yard volley skims off top of crossbar and goes over, unlucky

45 mins - Kane hammered shot 25 yards, Sowerby does well to parry behind for corner to nothing

46 mins - Caig off, Mark Gillespie on

48 mins - Osmond cross from left, Bowman mishit 10-yard shot but offside anyway

51 mins - Robson on break tries to chip Sowerby 18 yards, easy take for Sowerby

54 mins - Bowman through, 8-yard shot hits base of near-post, from rebound eventually gets ball under control, 8-yard shot then stopped by stomach of Mark Irwin on line, then cleared

55 mins - Robson corner, breaks to Hurst 20 yards at far-post, shot blocked

56 mins - Mark Irwin off for Aspatria, Ryan Irving on

60 mins - Robson corner, Bowman 10-yard header over

63 mins - Robson low cross from left, Bowman 6-yard sidefoots in, 6-0

64 mins - Aspatria ball through, clever 10-yard sliding flick by Ken Bowes, Gillespie gets hand to it but can't prevent it rolling in, 6-1

65 mins - Robson off, David Symington on

67 mins - Cook chip 20 yards, easy take for Sowerby, moments later McKenna cross from right, Cook 15-yard volley inches wide near-post

68 mins - 30-yard free-kick, B-W touches to Kane, hammers shot in, Sowerby touches over top

69 mins - Osmond cross from left, flicks off a defender, Bowman side-footed volley in from 6 yards, 7-1

71 mins - McKenna through to Cook, shot 18 yards sliced wide far-post

73 mins - Cook off, Beck on

74 mins - Hurst free-kick in, Bowman toe-poke on volley 8 yards, well off target

75 mins - Richard Hurd off for Aspatria, Barry Pearson on

77 mins - Symington cross from left, Beck 6-yard header hits face of bar, rebound drops back in front of him for sliding low finish into open goal, 8-1

79 mins - Bowes cross from right for Aspatria, hits face of bar at far-post, breaks to Matthew Rudd, Gillespie parries behind 12-yard shot for corner to nothing

81 mins - Symington cross in from left, Beattie lunging 6 yards out for Aspatria, tries to clear back across goal but only pushes ball into corner of his own net, 9-1

81 mins - before restart, Creighton off for Aspatria, Malcolm Graham on

83 mins - B-W corner, Swinglehurst header 8 yards over top

85 mins - Symington shot thumped over top 20 yards

87 mins - Aspatria free-kick 25 yards central, Law shot into defensive wall

89 mins - Aspatria free-kick 22 yards central, Stuart Irwin runs up to hammer it only to dolly chip goalwards, Gillespie takes under bar

United line-up :

Tony Caig (Mark Gillespie 46), Lance McGlen, Matt Osmond, Marc Bridge-Wilkinson, Tony Kane, Steven Swinglehurst, Matt Robson (David Symington 65), Kevan Hurst, Andy Cook (Mark Beck 73), Ryan Bowman, Ben McKenna.

Unused substitutes :

Kieran Cahill and Phil Towler.

Aspatria line-up :

Martin Sowerby, Stuart Irwin, Scott Beattie, Richard Hurd (Barry Pearson 75), Mark Irwin (Ryan Irving 56), Darryl Creighton (Malcolm Graham 81), Paul Cuthell, Sean Law, Richard Hudson, Ken Bowes, Matthew Rudd.

Unused substitutes :

Marc Laidlaw and Stephen Wilson.

Referee - Scott Taylor (Wigton).

Attendance - 120.

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