United Reserves 9-0 Wetheriggs United

The first tie in the competition for the Blues this season sees them take on Westmorland Association Football League Division One side Wetheriggs United. The Carlisle starting eleven featuring, in goal, Mark Gillespie, from left to right across the back Dale Minor, Stephen O'Halloran, Graham Kavanagh and skipper Lance McGlen, in midfield from left to right, David Symington, Josh Todd, Jack Lynch and Alex Salmon, with Craig Curran and Francois Zoko being partnered upfront.


1 min - Curran down r-hand channel, r-foot shot 12 yards wide n-post.

2 mins - Lynch through to Zoko, r-foot 12 yards hits legs of goalkeeper Stuart Forrester.

3 mins - Curran to Lynch, r-foot shot 12 yards through legs of Forrester and into net, 1-0.

4 mins - Lynch to Salmon to Curran, r-foot shot 15 yards at Forrester.

6 mins - Lee Henderson off injured for Wetheriggs, Jordan Lawson on.

14 mins - Kavanagh to Curran to Zoko, r-foot shot 18 yards wide r-hand post.

20 mins - Todd to Zoko to Curran, l-foot shot 15 yards into net, 2-0.

21 mins - Zoko to Curran, r-foot shot 12 yards under Forrester and into net, 3-0.

23 mins - Zoko to Curran, one-on-one with Forrester, r-foot shot 15 yards straight at Forrester.

24 mins - McGlen to Curran, r-foot shot 18 yards over top.

29 mins - Raking Todd pass over top, Salmon down right, r-foot shot 18 yards across Forrester and into net, 4-0.

30 mins - Zoko to Salmon, r-foot shot 20 yards bounces back of base of r-hand post, goes back to Salmon, r-foot shot 10 yards into net, 5-0.

33 mins - McGlen pass over top, Symington r-foot shot 15 yards, straight at Forrester.

33 mins - Zoko run through to right by-line, cut-back to Curran, open goal six yards, tap in, 6-0.

35 mins - Lynch corner in to far-post, O'Halloran header back across 12 yards over top.

36 mins - Curran run in from left, r-foot shot 22 yards, good tip over by Forrester.

37 mins - Kavanagh to Symington, in from left, r-foot shot 18 yards wide r-hand post.

38 mins - Curran and Zoko try to work opening on r-hand by-line, Curran tight angle shot blocked Forrester at near-post.

42 mins - Lynch corner to McGlen, cross in from right, O'Halloran header 12 yards hits face of crossbar. Back out, Todd, l-foot shot 25 yards hits top of bar and goes over.

45 mins - Lynch to Symington, r-foot shot 25 yards deceives Forrester and dips into net, 7-0.



48 mins - McGlen long throw in to Curran, r-foot shot 12 yards on turn saved by Forrester at near-post.

49 mins - McGlen low ball across from right, Lynch r-foot shot 8 yards lifted over top under pressure.

50 mins - Pete Askins to Barry Stockdale for Wetheriggs, Stockdale r-foot shot 15 yards wide near-post.

51 mins - McGlen to Todd through in r-hand channel, Todd r-foot chip 15 yards over diving keeper, wide far-post.

53 mins - Minor to Zoko, l-foot shot 20 yards saved Forrester, Salmon on rebound r-foot shot 6 yards into side-netting at near-post.

54 mins - Salmon ball over top, Symington r-foot shot 12 yards weak and straight at Forrester.

55 mins - Zoko past three defenders, one-on-one with Forrester 8 yards, r-foot shot 8 yards, straight at Forrester.

58 mins - Curran to Salmon to Curran, r-foot shot 18 yards wide far-post.

58 mins - Matthew Wardle and Tom Cuthbertson on. Ben Pool and probably Jordan Lawson off. Red and white striped shirts with small black numbers on, a nightmare to read.

60 mins - Michael Yarker foul on Zoko, Zoko kicks out, Zoko booked, very lucky not to get red card.

60 mins - Curran and Zoko off, Mark Beck and Brad Potts on. Salmon goes upfront with Beck, Potts into central midfield.

64 mins - Todd l-foot shot 22 yards wide l-hand post.

65 mins - Salmon low ball across from right to back-post, Beck l-foot 6 yards tap in into net, 8-0.

70 mins - Potts gains possession, r-foot shot 20 yards saved Forrester.

74 mins - Gillespie off, Jordan Parker on.

77 mins - Salmon l-foot shot 20 yards, good tip over Forrester.

78 mins - Lynch to McGlen in r-hand channel, McGlen r-foot shot 15 yards smashed across Forrester and into far top corner of net, 9-0.

82 mins - Kavanagh r-foot shot 40 yards well wide r-hand post.

88 mins - Kavanagh to Todd, l-foot shot 22 yards wide far-post.

89 mins - Kavanagh cross in from right, Beck header 12 yards over top.


United line-up :

Mark Gillespie (Jordan Parker 74), Lance McGlen, Dale Minor, Stephen O'Halloran, Graham Kavanagh, Josh Todd, Alex Salmon, Jack Lynch, Francois Zoko (Brad Potts 60), Craig Curran (Mark Beck 60), David Symington.

Unused substitutes :

Tom Berwick and Dillon Morse.

Scorers - Jack Lynch 3, Craig Curran 20, 21 and 33, Alex Salmon 29 and 30, David Symington 45, Mark Beck 65, Lance McGlen 78.


Wetheriggs line-up :

Stuart Forrester, Dale Metcalfe, Ben Pool, Michael Yarker, Greg kay, Kieron Burnett-Johnstone, Paul Pattinson, Barry Stockdale, Phil Askins, Pete Askins, Lee Henderson.

Used substitutes :

Jordan Lawson (6), Tom Cuthbertson (58), Matthew Wardle (58).

Unused substitutes :

James Grinbergs and Nigel McCombie (GK).

Referee - K Mulrane.



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