Crawley Plan Friday Morning Pitch Inspection

Last updated : 17 January 2013 By Thetashkentterror

With freezing temperatures set to continue and heavy snow forecast, mainly in the south of the country tomorrow, the Red Devils will take a look at the Broadfield Stadium playing surface at around 10am on Friday morning ahead of the scheduled League One fixture against the Blues on Saturday afternoon. The early inspection time coming in mind of Carlisle's potential 600-mile round trip, with Town chief executive Richard Low commenting to the Crawley and Horley Observer:

"We will do everything we can to get the game on and if necessary we may need some help with snow clearance from supporters. I know our fans did a fantastic job in February to help get the game against Cheltenham played and I’m sure they will respond again if we need them.

“It was very cold on Wednesday night but temperatures are not expected to fall as sharply on Thursday night. There is an area at the southern end which is causing us some concern because it is in shadow all day but we hope the covers will continue to do their job of protecting the pitch.

“Our main concern is the weather forecast for Friday. We are constantly in touch with the Met Office and their latest predictions is for 2-5 cms of snow. If we get a lot of snow it obviously could have an impact. At the Football League’s request we are having an inspection on Friday to prevent Carlisle from making a wasted journey if possible.

“There is due to be between 10-15 cm of snow in other parts of the country and this could affect Carlisle’s journey. All sorts of things have to be taken into consideration including travel plans of the opposition and their supporters and health and safety for spectators around the stadium if we get a heavy snowfall.”