Sean O'Driscoll Talks About The Game

Last updated : 15 January 2008 By Thetashkentterror

Sean O'Driscoll
Doncaster boss Sean O'Driscoll spoke to BBC Radio Sheffield following his side's 1-0 win over Carlisle at the Keepmoat Stadium yesterday, O'Driscoll suggesting that he was pleased with the application of his players during the game :

" I thought we were excellent, we've had a break and we looked like we benefited from it. I thought we started really well against a side that has done extremely well the whole season. So much so that I think they had to change early in the first-half to cope with us. We kept going, we kept plugging away and we got a late goal, sometimes it doesn't happen but if we had come in 0-0 I would have come in disappointed but pleased with the performance.

" People take responsibility on shooting and that is all that you can ask for, if you get an opportunity to shoot then you shoot. If you criticise them for blasting it over the bar then the next time it happens nobody is going to shoot. I thought we did everything right, we moved the ball well and created openings against a team that has done well this season.

" I was pleased with our application, pleased with some of the football we played, we worked hard off the ball and we worked hard defensively as a team and we got a result. We let a late goal in against Walsall away and the dressing-room was a bit despondent even though we played quite well. So to get a late goal you can imagine that the dressing-room is cock-a-hoop at the minute and it sets it up for a big game next Saturday.

" I've just seen the goal on the video, it was a free-kick and you have got to get the ball into the box to score. People gambled and people threw their bodies on the line. I thought we deserved it for the amount of play that we had. We were pleased with the goal and it came at a good time, it gave them really little time to get back into the match although Neil Sullivan has pulled off a fantastic save from Joe Garner right at the end.

" I think they have come here and played quite open, we have seen before teams that come here and play open, we can usually, I'm not saying beat, but we get at them. Teams that come here and make it really difficult for us we've struggled against. They are second in the league though so I think they have come here thinking that they will play to their strengths which makes it for an entertaining game.

" I thought that it was quite open and there was lots of space out there which we exploited. You just hope that you get the goal and get your noses in front to win the game. We kept our composure, we kept plugging away, the crowd stayed with us, sometimes it doesn't happen but we're all pleased that we nicked a goal at the end.

" I think the Doncaster supporters behind the goal found their voice and credit to the Carlisle supporters as well, they reciprocated as well. We have been here before when we get a bit of noise in the stadium, it holds it in and it is a good atmosphere to play in. I thought that the game was played in a good spirit, good tempo and we won so everybody is happy. If we'd lost then maybe I wouldn't have been so upbeat. The performance was good and, like I have said before, all you can go on is performances and I thought that our performance deserved the win.

" He (Brian Stock) has got a bang on his kneecap and then he got mobbed behind the goal with the rest of the players when we scored, which I don't know if it made the injury worse or what. He's keen to play though, hopefully it's just a bang, we'll assess it again in the morning and see what it's like. "