Scott Dobie - Radio Cumbria Interview

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Dobie against Arsenal in 2001
New United signing Scott Dobie spoke to BBC Radio Cumbria's James Phillips on Thursday morning before the United team set off down the M6 for their match at Cheltenham, Dobie talking about his move away from Nottingham Forest back to Carlisle and the club where he began his professional career :

" It's brilliant to be back in my homeland. It's the start of another chapter of my career, hopefully I can get my career back on track. It's been a nightmare to be honest, it's obviously been the lowest part of my career. I signed from West Brom to Millwall then from Millwall to Nottingham Forest and then since I signed at Forest it's been a nightmare to be honest.

" The club itself, I can't say a bad word about it, it's a brilliant club it really is. The chairman there is a great chairman, everything about the place, it's a great club and everything but for myself personally I've had a nightmare there. The injuries, it's well known that I have had a bad time for the past two, two and a half years with injuries.

" I've come to a club and a team that are doing really well in the league and I'm looking to maybe try to improve that by adding strength in depth to the squad and to the team. I've got some, despite it being dark days I suppose you could say, I have got some great memories here and it's where my career started. There are still a lot of people in and around the club that were here from the first time that I was here.

" I'm looking forward to getting my career going again at this place. I played with Bridgey (Marc Bridge-Wilkinson) then the first time around, he has had a good career so far and he is doing really well. It will be good to play with Mark again. Where Carlisle have come from in the last few years is unbelievable. The squad of players that they have got, there are a lot of players who were playing in the Conference and have come up through the leagues and have done unbelievably well. "

" The two games we played them in, firstly at home, that season we were really good at home, Forest were really good at home and Carlisle came and did a job on us. I think Forest missed a penalty that day, but Carlisle looked like a really good team. We knew that when we came up here that Carlisle were going to give us a game. I keep saying us as if I am still there, Forest came up and Carlisle obviously beat them at home. Then I knew from that game that Carlisle were a top team in this division.

" I don't want to put on any expectations, I'm not coming in and saying I am going to do this and I am going to do that. I want to come and add to the squad and add to the team and show people that I'm the player that I was. I've had a hard three years, I'm not going to say that I am going to come and do this or I am going to come and do that. I'll come and do my best is the only thing that I can guarantee.

" I played six games for Scotland and got a couple of goals, that was a happy part of my career as well. It's me starting again and showing people that I'm something like the player I was. The tables don't lie at this stage of this season, the lads have had a great season so far. From what I have seen of them it's certainly a possibility to go up.

" I'm one of you really, it's the club that I support as well, it's the club my family support. I've had a bit of stick off my Dad before I signed, I'm going to be playing, I know it sounds a bit corny, but as a supporter as well. The Carlisle fans know what sort of player I am, I'll give my best.

" I've been fit now for a season and a bit, Colin Calderwood, we had our, we didn't get on and we didn't see eye to eye which is part and parcel of football I suppose. Under Colin Calderwood I never started and finished a single game, he says that he gave me a fair chance but I don't believe that he did. It's time for me to come and prove him wrong really, it's still a bit bitter and still a bit raw with myself, I've got a few points to prove and hopefully I can do it while I'm here. I'll just do my best, I'll do my very best. "