Reaction From Torquay's Guy Branston

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Guy Branston
Gulls defender Guy Branston spoke to BBC Radio Devon after his side's 1-0 FA Cup Third Round victory over Carlisle at Plainmoor, Branston saying Torquay having a good run in the cup will be great for the Devonians :

" I am exhausted, all the e-words basically. No, obviously I am just excited, massively excited and I have never got to the Fourth Round before personally and I have done it now before I turn 32 and it was one of the things I wanted to before the end of my career. So, tremendous, a big thing for myself and a good run in the cup will be great for the football club. Hopefully we can now start getting some money into the coffers and hopefully give out a few contracts here and there.

" The early chance for them (from Francois Zoko) was one of those things, you are watching the ball and you skid and you haven't got the right stud in the mould. But, at the end of the day the pitch was immaculate, how they got it to stay solid, it was unbelievable. But, the one chance I think or probably there was one near late on where I have cleared it off the line, but I am really happy, really happy.

" Eunan O'Kane is a great player, he has come in and he is a massive asset, Elliot Benyon is the same, Mark Ellis is the same, those three players are going to kick on in their careers. Hopefully we can show that in the FA Cup because the FA Cup is a great pull for the club and pull for the players.

" Because, you look at DJ Campbell, he had a great run with Brentford and got a big move, other players like that, Sam Sodje, those kind of players, he went on to have a great career and played for Nigeria in the World Cup, so why can't our players do that?

" We do wave after wave of defending in training, the gaffer (Paul Buckle) has got us organised, we watched Gladiator this morning, we got in early and watched Gladiator. Well, it was the comedy version of Gladiator which was tremendous because it got everyone up for it.

" We had a bit of banter, we literally watched them making mistakes but being together as a group of lads. We have got a massive, massive attitude and morale in the dressing room and we know that we aren't going to concede when we are all sticking together and are sticking our legs out. "

" You have got Mansy (Lee Mansell) and you have got Wroey (Nicky Wroe) putting their heads on the line and I think Wroey had one today which for him is tremendous, he is a great player. Especially Mansell, I love Mansell in your team because you know he is going to over the trenches for you. Again, Robbo (Chris Robertson), Mark Ellis, I can name them all if you want me to because they were that good.

" You have got to say you would like any of the big four in the next round, any of the big four for the football club and you would be stupid to want a lower side than that. But, it is a massive, massive thing for the football club and I'm not just saying that, I really believe it. It is a good little club here with a good family atmosphere and I am massively enjoying it.

" If we can earn £200,000 or £300,000 then that will keep us ticking over and maybe we won't have to sell some players and maybe we can actually challenge for the league rather than just tick over as a football club. Because, as a football club we are small in comparison to the teams in this division, but the morale and the attitude of the lads is different class.

" You should see what we have to train on in training sometimes, it is a joke, the gaffer understands it and I understand it and that is the good thing about the lads, we just get on with it, we don't sit there and moan with each other, we just have a bit of banter about it.

" If we get through another round then maybe we can sort the training pitch out and things like that, that is how you look at it. Maybe we could pay the wages next month, you never know, if we don't get the money in the coffers then at the end of the day we are not going to pay the lads' wages and we understand that as a club because we are small. "