Paul Murray On His Comeback Game

Last updated : 20 January 2007 By Thetashkentterror

Paul Murray
United midfielder Paul Murray spoke to BBC Radio Cumbria's Derek Lacey on Saturday evening as he gave his opinion on the 2-0 home defeat to Crewe. Murray, like Blues boss Neil McDonald, talking about the need for the team to start taking their chances :

" There is just a reaction on my legs, my legs are absolutely as tired as you like, I'll be getting home tonight and getting straight into bed. I played 90 minutes against Preston which was a competitive game and I got another 75 today so I'm really happy with that. I've no ill-effects at the moment, I'll wait and see when I get up in the morning but I think it will just be general stiffness tomorrow.

" The result was very disappointing, it wasn't a 2-0 game. We gave away a free-kick and then didn't defend the free-kick properly to go 1-0 down, obviously we were trying to attack and get a goal and then they got a breakaway goal. It was unfortunate for Danny (Livesey) because he did ever so well today, but 2-0 is the scoreline and we've lost three points so we're a bit gutted.

" I think he (Karl Hawley) did the best he could to get out of the way of my shot, he did ever so well the new lad (Joe Garner), and I hit it as hard as I could but unfortunately it hit Karl and that was that. We've got to show a bit more endeavour, take some chances on balls across the box, I think at the moment that we're just not taking these chances. Things might happen, it might deflect off someone else and then you might get a tap-in, who knows, I think we've just got to show a little bit more endeavour and make our own luck.

" At the end of the day you make your own luck, you make a run to the near-post or make one to the back-post then it might not come but if it does then you've got to be ready for it to come. Everyone is disappointed with 2-0 but we've just got to crack on now, I'm looking forward to every game now, I've missed three months, this is the first game I've had in three months. I'm happy, I'm very happy that I've got through that 75 in a first-team game so a full week of training and I'll be looking forward to Brentford.

" We don't want to lose many more games because that play-off picture is going to fade away, we want to keep up there. We know it is going to be difficult but a few more losses and you are just looking at mid-table security, when we as a group of players and management staff want to get promotion, that's what we are here for.

" I think it's important that we get some experience in the side but you just need to bring quality in better than what we have got really. It's going to be difficult, it's a tough place to get people to come too is Carlisle, we've got a lot of Geordie lads solely because they come from Newcastle. It's enticing players up here which is difficult but I'm sure the gaffer (Neil McDonald) will bring in some quality. We need people to come in that are better than what we've got, it adds to the competition in training, like anything if you think that someone is going to take you spot then you step it up a gear and that's a fact."