Paul Buckle Talks About The Game

Last updated : 08 January 2011 By Thetashkentterror

Paul Buckle
Torquay manager Paul Buckle spoke to BBC Radio Devon after his side's 1-0 FA Cup Third Round victory over Carlisle at Plainmoor, Buckle saying the Gulls thoroughly deserved their victory :

" I am absolutely thrilled for the players, for the club, for the staff because we deserved it. I think if you look at the performance we thoroughly deserved the win and probably the only downside was that we should have won by more.

" We were on the top of our game and when we are cheered on by a fantastic crowd then it really does make the players play even better. We have got a very good young side and we are trying to build a very good League Two side, and today we have come up against a League One side and more than matched them, and I thought we were excellent.

" I have been saying for three and a half years for people to come and support the team and make some noise, and when we do that it is a hard place for anyone to come and play against us. Players need support and they need noise, the Torquay supporters today were outstanding and they deserve to be in the Fourth Round of the FA Cup. All I would say is please, please, please come out in your numbers again against Crewe and for the rest of the season. Because, we have got some big league games now.

" The goals on Monday (against Oxford) were individual errors, they weren't the team effort. Guy (Branston) is an important part of the side but I thought that (Mark) Ellis was top class today and I thought (Chris Robertson) was too. We cut out silly errors and if you cut out silly errors then you always have a great chance. We are always ready, you saw that again today, we played some exceptional football and it is not only a great win but it is a great performance to match.

" Last time out in the draw we got excited and there was no disrespect when Carlisle came out of the hat, I suppose they were as disappointed as we were. But, I am thrilled to be in the Fourth Round for the team and the football club and the fans. They will look forward to the draw tomorrow and obviously now I think it must be £100,000 minimum for us. "

" It is money we don't budget for and it is a massive part when you are small like we are. I said earlier before the game that we can't compete, there are probably only three teams that are in and around us money-wise at our level. Everybody else is spending, is improving, and we find it very hard to do that. So, hopefully this money can go towards pushing us forward.

" Possibly we might be able not to have to sell players now, it is a massive bonus for our club getting into the Fourth Round, it is huge. The money that we have earned from the cup runs is a big asset to the club this season, so I will sit down with the chairman (Simon Baker) on Monday, I sat down with him yesterday actually and spoke about having a plan now that we are in the league, we need a plan to go forward.

" There are lots of things that need to improve, our training ground isn't up to standard at the moment. There is so much to improve that I am hoping that we can get a really good draw so that we can put it to good use.

" I have some bids in for Elliot Benyon but they are not acceptable at this moment. So, until somebody gives us what he is worth then he will be going nowhere. So, I am sure again if you were watching him today then you would like him in your team, he is an absolute handful.

" So, this is the club we are, we have to keep building, even if we get some money what type of player can we get to the club? Basically again, I think we all need to sit down, have a look at it and see how we can take it forward carefully. "