Les Parry Talks About The Game

Last updated : 04 January 2011 By Thetashkentterror

Rovers boss Les Parry
Tranmere manager Les Parry spoke to BBC Radio Merseyside and his club's official website after his side's action packed 2-1 win over Carlisle at Prenton Park, Parry saying that getting the three points was the all-important thing for Rovers :

" I was reading (Rochdale manager) Keith Hill's response to the game the other day and he said at the end of the day it's all about three points and that's what it is today. I thought the lads were absolutely tremendous today, absolutely tremendous. One of the most eventful games that you will see at any level and I think the supporters have gone home happy.

" When Carlisle missed their penalty today I said to (my assistant manager) Kevin (Summerfield) that Ian (Thomas-Moore) was going to miss because history does have a horrible habit of repeating itself. I then couldn't look at Cresser's (Aaron Cresswell's), I had to turn my back, so I believe the keeper (Adam Collin) made a great save, I don't know that but it was just nailbiting stuff.

" I think Ian Goodison only kicked it for his goal so quickly because the lad (James Berrett) was closing him down and he was going to boot him I think. So, he ran on to it and just lashed it, but I hardly saw it, it went like an arrow, scraped the inside of the post and no goalkeeper in the world would have saved that. Joe Collister's save early in the first-half was a great reaction save because he was going one way and the lad (Gary Madine) has hit it the other way, and he has been able to twist and get a hand on it.

" If a Premier League goalkeeper saves that they would be showing that on Match of the Day time and time again. I thought it was a fantastic save, and at a great time as well. We see him in training, we see him pull off those saves all the time in training. So, it is not that much of a surprise to us but he will develop and he will develop into an excellent goalkeeper. "

" Not killing the game off with the penalties made conceding the goal....... I just couldn't celebrate our second goal because I was devastated with what Ian Goodison had done to us and I just couldn't believe what he had done. After the game on Saturday where I was drained after that and then that happens and you are thinking 'oh, no.'

" But, I thought our play, especially in the second-half where we have created so many chances, we have done really well. I thought that even the second-half of the first-half, well, we started sloppily there is no way of getting away from that, they started better than us. They had more possession than us and they made some chances, they must have had six or seven corners and we had to defend them.

" But, as the first-half went on we finished much the stronger side and we just wanted us to take it into the second-half. Unfortunately even at the beginning of the second-half, they started the second-half better than us as well. But, as the game went on I was getting more and more comfortable and I just had a feeling that we would sneak another goal.

" I keep on reiterating the importance of the fans. Against Carlisle we started off quietly and our performance didn't help gee them up any, but even when they equalised I could hear the Kop still singing which was fantastic. They definitely played their role. It's going to be more important on Saturday because there will probably be a smaller crowd so it's important the smaller number here are more vocal. "