John Ward On Another Home Win

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John Ward
United boss John Ward spoke to BBC Radio Cumbria's Derek Lacey as he talked about the 1-0 win at Brunton Park against Crewe this afternoon, Ward suggesting that the Blues will need to work just as hard when they face Cheltenham at Whaddon Road next Friday night :

" It was an excellent three points, we probably had enough chances in the first-half to win a couple of games. Everything was shot at the keeper, they all stuck with him or we found his woodwork. We did it similarly in the second-half but not quite as many chances, all we said at half-time was for them to just keep going and keep believing that something would come for them and if they kept working the right way then it would.

" It was very pleasing for us that it did and then that opened the game up a little bit and Crewe had to come out and they showed their threat. The one I warned you about in the last couple of days that they have got that in their team. It is a really, really good victory for the team and the work ethic today was excellent.

" I'll be pleased with that in the morning when I see it in the papers. What I always think when I see that is that there are another 22 clubs in our league that wish they were there. All we can do is try or strive to work for that top six place and keep doing it, if it's good enough to be better than that then so-be-it. At the moment though you've got a team here that our supporters are seeing full of commitment, perseverance and no little ability around it as well. I'm really pleased with the way that the team are responding to the things we are asking them to do and obviously the victory is a great one.

" Jeff (Smith) is uncomplicated as a person in that sense, he just gets on with it. We use that phrase a lot in the club at the moment, I've just said to Jeff that if they show you your right foot then take it. He did that and he checked inside, prior to that he has had a shot at goal and now the full-back is not sure which way he is going to go.

" Because he is capable and confident of going either, he filled that right-wing spot really pleasingly well today and it will not be an issue now. We'll keep asking if we can get a player in there but I've now got Jeff I know that can handle that position. You also just saw a little fleeting glimpse of (Paul) Arnison as well coming in to do it. So we want to get more players in to fill the squad up but the players we have got are very, very good. "

" We've always stressed, I can only talk about since I've been here, but we've always stressed that the wins and the results and everything is for all of us. Whether you're a substitute or a non-player, Evan Horwood and Grant Smith have not been involved today but it's for them as well. When they get in they want to be in a team that is in this position.

" We are working hard for everybody and we are trying to push that right through the club. I said in the week that the reserve team have gone five unbeaten and the youth team are doing very well. Right through the football club there is a big lift in terms of how we are doing things and we've got to work hard to maintain that.

" He (Danny Graham) has done everything but score, I said to him at half-time that you keep doing the other things you know that are right. They (goals) might even come in a glut, you might even find that they come over four of five games and wonder where that has come form. I was surprised today to watch the Sheffield derby and see that Billy Sharp hadn't scored a goal since he got 30 last year.

" It happens to people but they have to retain the confidence that they can do that. Danny Graham, the workload that he put in today along with Joe (Garner) was fantastic again and that is what he has got to maintain. Then when his goals come he will be even happier with it.

" They (goalkeepers) take a great pride in a clean sheet and again we don't just work with Keiren (Westwood), we work the back-four and the goalkeeper as a unit. Greg (Abbott) does a lot of work with those guys, it's about them, this is their pride and this is their challenge. We said that at half-time that if we get a clean sheet regardless of the other end then we'll get something from the game. "

" We know that we've got people who are capable of getting a goal which we scored. Then obviously the back-four had one or two little moments but we're not going to play 90 minutes where other teams don't get in our penalty box. So we've stayed pretty strong today and I'm really pleased with the whole performance.

" We are still looking for the clearance for Grant Smith but we just looked at Evan (Horwood) and thought that we would let him have a look at this and see what he thinks and that we'd chat to him on Monday. He's there though to challenge and if that gives other people that little extra up and go then so-be-it. I want a squad that does that and those two guys will certainly add to it and they know the level that they have got to come in at.

" It's driving me mad (the situation with Joe Anyinsah and Cleveland Taylor). I really want to get something cleared up next week, either a yes or a no. In the meantime we are digging in as you've seen today and I'd rather talk about that, the boys that have played there and done this today. We'll try to get other people in in the next few days if we can, everybody knows that I am trying to do that and I think they are being really patient with me and the way that I am trying to be patient. It does get frustrating though when you can't get an answer so I'll be pushing for an answer if I can.

" The only game I have accused them of not doing well in was at Bristol Rovers when the shoulders dropped at 3-0. At 3-0 it was the first time I had seen that and I've just reminded them again today prior to the game that I hoped it was a long time before I saw that again. I want to see more of what we have done today, we did it last week at Doncaster, stayed with the game and couldn't get anything out of it. Today though we have got a reward for probably the two games hard work that we have just put in so we are in a good position and we've got to work hard to stay there.

" Anybody that thinks Cheltenham will be easy, I can tell everyone that they have just won their last three games 1-0, 1-0 and 2-0 with no goals conceded and a big lift. Keith Downing has recruited very well and got some strong players in there, they are getting some back to fitness and if you think it was difficult today then it will be difficult next Friday. I've just told my team that they need to maintain this kind of attitude towards the game down at Cheltenham next week. I'm looking forward to that though, there are a lot of nice people there that I can say hello to but we'll all want to try to win won't we. "