John Ward On Another Away Defeat

Last updated : 12 January 2008 By Thetashkentterror

John Ward
United boss John Ward spoke to BBC Radio Cumbria's Derek Lacey this evening as he talked about the 1-0 defeat at Doncaster Rovers earlier today, Ward commenting on how hard he thought his side worked throughout the 90 minutes :

" You've just seen two very good teams fighting it out for a top six spot with some really good football from both sides. We've tried our best to score goals, I don't believe in away hoodoos, I think that we've worked very, very hard in the first-half when Doncaster had the bulk of the possession but we restricted them to shots from distance. It wasn't as if Keiren (Westwood) kept us in the game, we knew that we had to do better in the second period and we certainly did.

" In terms of probably clearer chances we had two or three good ones and obviously didn't take them. So the reason for that is that we have lost the game, but their's was a scruffy, scrappy goal right at the death and I feel for the players because the effort has been magnificent today. There were two very good teams played out there.

" It is hard to take because you are actually looking and thinking that you can go on and win the game and it's not as if we were hanging on for a 0-0 or anything. We had to stay with them in the first period accepted, but we lifted our game and we came out quicker, sharper, brighter and took the game back into Doncaster's half a lot more.

" Games are like that against top sides, they are nip and tuck, we had the same against Leyton Orient remember and we found a one goal win over that when they were top of the league. We are going to have a few more of these when you look at the fixture list to come but obviously we are really disappointed with the result that has gone against us. "

" You never know if Simon Hackney's chance had gone in but it didn't so those are the facts of life. You'd have fancied Simon after his recent form in front of goal on his left foot but it hasn't happened for him, those things occur in life and you've got to get on with them. It's disappointing, it's not our day but I've got a really good football team in the dressing-room that has lost a game.

" Next week if we perform like we have done today we could quite easily win so we've got to keep working at those standards and not get too down and too low because we've lost. We've lost to a good side but we are a good side too and we mustn't lose sight of that.

" I think there are two managers that think about their game, work with their players and encourage their players. We didn't gain enough of our possession in the first-half, it was very organised and very workman-like but we felt that we were a bit cheaper with possession than Doncaster. In the second-half though we certainly were better with the ball at our feet, there was a bit more anger in our running and our work. That's top level football but it is a good advert for this division, if you were a neutral watching this then you can't fail to have enjoyed it.

" We're going to win some more, lose some more and draw some more, we're going to be lucky or unlucky, deserve it or not deserve it, all those things will happen in the next 22 games. It's very important that me, above all else, because I am the guy who leads it at the moment being the manager, that we just keep a lid on it and keep it level.

" I know that if we perform in the way that we have done today in both halves next week then we'll have a good chance of winning the game and that's what I'll be pushing at my team. I'm disappointed for them because it was a big game and a big result for us if we could have got something here, we haven't but we'll continue to work at that. Who knows, if Doncaster lose next week and we win then the whole thing is restored, that's football and we've got to maintain the standards we are setting, which are very high and we are trying very hard to keep them up. "

" Simon (Hackney) was absolutely shattered, I know that people like him, I like him too which is why I put him in the team. We felt that Danny (Carlton) has got a bit of power, he very nearly scored himself when he came on, which just gave us a little edge maybe in terms of some fresh legs coming on. The workrate of the team was so high today that we probably had to look at a couple of those.

" At the same time though I was thinking that if we could go on and just keep it going then we might have found a goal. Danny Carlton is a terrific substitute and Simon is a terrific player and they'll figure considerably as the season moves on. I think you asked me about transfers at about 12.30pm and I've actually been with the team and on the bench all afternoon so I've not signed anybody today.

" I've got a good team, I keep telling people that. We're not going to win everything we're in for in what we do but I've got a team that, as I said last week, is not short of commitment, pride and passion. They put that in today albeit losing the game, there is no shortage of any of that so the ability they have got follows that on. If we can maintain the standards that we are setting in terms of working hard to show that desire then the ability will push through. Again we'll work hard next Saturday to do that at Brunton Park.

" The majority of our fans stayed at the end and were cheering the name of Carlisle and the team and the players, so they recognise what I've seen as well. I'm not going to pull the wool over people's eyes, I can't stand here and tell you that we are great if we are not and I won't do. Today though I've got a team that we are very pleased to have and a bunch of supporters that we are very pleased to have as well. I keep saying that if we work hard together then who knows where the season will finish up, we'll try our very best and we'll hopefully enjoy a few more games yet.

" We can't try any harder than we did today, we got undone by some disorganised play at both Tranmere and Bristol Rovers in the recent two away defeats. If we'd won a few more away from home then we'd be out of sight at the top of the league. It's that tough and that difficult to do it but we are trying very, very hard to improve that away from. Whilst we are doing that we need to maintain the home form and keep the support coming at that end but we are trying hard as people have seen today. "