John Ward - Radio Cumbria Interview

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John Ward
United boss John Ward spoke to BBC Radio Cumbria on Friday evening as he first talked about the £75,000 bid the Blues have put in for Scunthorpe winger Cleveland Taylor, Ward also chatting about the game coming up against Doncaster at the Keepmoat Stadium tomorrow :

" We're no further forward at present but I've got another phone call to go into Nigel Adkins tonight when we both to get to our hotels in preparation for our games tomorrow. So we're nothing further than what everyone already knows. They haven't indicated anything at this particular moment, they let it out yesterday that we had made a bid. They did say to me that they wanted to get another player in before they made any decisions so that is still the case.

" He's a right-winger basically, Cleveland (Taylor) played 41 times for Scunthorpe United last year in their promotion season in that position. He's quick, he's 23, he knows the level, he knows the league and how to get out of it and he's a player with that type of experience yet still young enough to get better. Until we get official permission off Scunthorpe United to speak to him then we can't do that yet.

" It doesn't end our interest in Joe Anyinsah, in terms of that I spoke to Alan Irvine last night at Preston North End and he indicated that he wanted to keep further looks at Joe and was pretty impressed with the young man. So the indication possibly was that he may want to keep him that little bit longer. I can't put all my eggs in one basket, we've got to look elsewhere and we've done that.

" We feel we are getting there on other targets, we've made some progress this week in talking to people. Hopefully next week we might have a new face or two on there and we'll see if that works that way but we've got better this week, it's cleared up a little bit on one or two things that I needed doing. Fingers crossed, I'm old school on that, I don't believe it until it has happened so we'll wait and see."

" I won't talk about people (Evan Horwood) who are still with other football clubs. I've spoken to Gary Johnson about Richard Keogh in the last 24 hours as well and they haven't changed on their valuation and we haven't changed on ours, so there is still a stalemate on that one. So at this moment in time that one is not going to happen.

" They (Darren Campion and Grant Carson) are both young players underneath the first team obviously but we think that there is potential in them both. While Darren's is a shorter term of a couple of months we just wanted to test him out a little bit I guess and push him. He is actually on the club coach tonight in the squad going down to Doncaster so we think that much of him that we have included him in that group. Young Grant, again similarly, probably needs a little bit more football but he has got lots of potential, lots of ability and we have given him a deal until the end of the season to try to realise that.

" I spoke to Kevin Keen at West Ham United yesterday afternoon about Joe Widdowson and they have indicated that they don't want anybody all the way through the football club to go out at the moment. I didn't want to take young Joe on a loan, it was purely with a view to having a look at Joe for a couple of games which you can do without instigating a loan period. So at the moment Joe is going to stay at West Ham but we'll keep tabs on that one.

" Roy (Sandeman) is pencilled in to play in the reserve game at Chester on Monday afternoon, and we'll have a little look at him again and make a decision on him probably after that game. He's at University, and again, he's not what I'd call first-team potential at the moment but he has to be up there because he is 20. Luke Joyce is 20 and we all saw him last week at first-team level so we've got to compare Roy with Luke at the very least to see if it is worth progressing. We'll have another game with him though and we'll look at that next week.

" I don't like the transfer window, in general I think you'll find that all the managers don't like it. I spoke to Nigel Adkins today and he is finding it really frustrating, his first season in the Championship and the cost of everything. You've seen quite a few in place in transfer deals already at the moment and I think it does push that to the core. "

" You are inundated with agents who are not really, not all of them but a lot of them are not really concerned with the player's welfare. It's their feeding time and it really does chop it into one month of potential business. You couldn't imagine Marks and Spencer or Sainsburys being told that they have only got one month to buy all their clothes and food and then sell it in the next eleven.

" It's a cracking game against Doncaster, they are a very good side with a very good management team. I'm full of respect for Sean O'Driscoll and Richard O'Kelly who are the two guys that run that club. They have hired some really good players at this level to try to get their club into the Championship, the same way that we think we have.

" We talked to our boys this morning about that and the big respect to the opposition but we think they will have big respect for us. I know Sean was at the game against Port Vale on Saturday and I know that they'll probably be thinking that there may be some goals that we will concede, but there are goals that we can score as well. So there is potentially a very, very exciting game of football on Saturday coming up.

" We'll give them respect but we won't give them any fear of apprehension. We've got strength in our team and it would be wrong of me to take those away. We won't do that, we'll go and try to put our influence on the game as early as we can. We know they are going to pass, we know they are going to play and we know they are going to have possession. Maybe in a similar sort of way that for a while Port Vale did but we overcame that as well, and we feel that we can do that.

" Ninety minutes is a long time though and we've got to work hard with and without the ball and there will plenty of both obviously tomorrow. Everybody is fit and well from last Saturday, that is the good thing, (Marc) Bridge-Wilkinson is back in contention. There is just Paul Thirlwell out injured at the moment but everyone else is fine. "