John Sheridan Talks About The Match

Last updated : 30 January 2008 By Thetashkentterror

Oldham manager John Sheridan
Latics boss John Sheridan spoke to BBC Radio Manchester after his side's 2-0 win over Carlisle at Boundary Park last night, Sheridan suggesting that there is still more to come from his team :

" I thought they played very well, the good thing is that I got a good response from them. Everyone has been a bit down, I've tried to pick the players up and I'm chuffed for them. They have shown me that they can play against a well organised and strong Carlisle team who are going well. I thought that we were excellent and created lots of chances which I'm pleased about. When you create chances and opportunities you have got a good chance of winning the game, and we created lots of chances today.

" Hughesy (Lee Hughes) has been struggling with his groin, he told me that he was fit and he wanted to play so you've got to trust the player. Obviously he's struggling because it has affected him early in the game, it's one of those things, I don't know how serious the injury is but it gave someone else an opportunity and I think that the young kids took it with both hands.

" Gary (McDonald) is good at that, he arrives but he has got in dangerous areas and we've kept the ball. The thing that I'm pleased about today, and I've said it before, we kept the ball in their half for longer periods. If you do that then you will get the opposition chasing around you and you create spaces. I thought that we did that well today and we created lots of opportunities, Gary is in the right place, good quality, it was a bit of luck for the first one but he was in those areas. He's had a strike, he's hit the target, and obviously the second goal was a great ball and a great finish from him.

" I thought he (Jason Jarrett) did well, he looked comfortable on the ball, kept possession for us, but I think there were lots of good team performances. It was only his first game for a while, he looked a bit tired at the end but I thought that he played very well for his first game, he has only just turned up tonight and met the lads. He looked a good player and he did well, he was part of a good team performance. He has played at a higher level, he has been around, it's been a bit stop and start in has career.

" I can remember him a long time ago when I played actually, he came on for Bury against Oldham in one game and I actually rang Chris Waddle the next day and told him, Chris was at Burnley and I told him to go and get him. So I can remember him, it was a long while ago but, it's been a bit stop and start in his career. He did well at Wigan and obviously he had a good move to Norwich but he's come here, hopefully he can get a few games under his belt. I've told him to come and play for us and to enjoy playing football more than anything else, and he looks as though he enjoyed it tonight. "

" I thought his (Lewis Alessandra's) hold-up play, he kept the ball up there for us. He kept the ball and he brought other people into play. I don't like picking people out but he is a young kid who has come in, I've told him that he needs to work harder in training and show me that he wants to play. Lucky for him tonight he's got an opportunity through injuries and suspensions and he didn't let himself down at all, I've told him that in there. I thought that young (Deane) Smalley did a lot better, he should have scored, I would have loved him to have scored.

" It was a very good performance after the setback over the weekend and I'm just pleased for the players because there might be one or two doubting them. I know how good they are and I know how we can improve and I think we will improve and keep improving. I believe what I am doing is right and I'll always believe that what I am doing is right, but it's about results at the end of the day, I'm not stupid.

" There are still plenty of games, I've always said the magic word is consistency and you've seen the results week in and week out every time the fixtures are in this division, everyone beats everyone. The most important thing is that we concentrate on ourselves and just try to win as many games as we can. If we do that, I'll keep saying that I haven't mentioned play-offs but we'll see where it takes us.

" It (Neal Trotman transfer) is just ongoing at the moment, obviously it is a good opportunity for the young kid. He's done very well for us, we're not all 100% that we want him to go but at the end of the day you are stopping the kid from going to a higher division and obviously money. Is it a good offer?, does it suit both parties?, but I will always stand by him whatever decision he makes, and I hope that he makes the right decision.

" I'll stand by him, if he wants advice from me or whatever then I'll back him all the way and tell him the truth about what he should do. I think it is his choice, it has to be, he is still under contract here, if he doesn't want to go then he doesn't want to go but it is a great opportunity for the kid. I haven't got too involved with it, obviously he is a young kid who has come in and done very well and there are lots of people wanting to take him.

" It's in the hands of other people really, as a manager then obviously I want to improve and I want the team to improve. He is a good player and he is part of my plans here but sometimes you have to sacrifice sometimes and just do what is right for everyone involved. I wouldn't like to say which club it is but I know that there are a few clubs in after him and his performances merit that, he's done very well. "