Evan Horwood - Radio Cumbria Interview

Last updated : 15 January 2008 By Thetashkentterror
Evan Horwood in his time at Gretna
New United signing Evan Horwood spoke to BBC Radio Cumbria's Derek Lacey on Tuesday afternoon, 21-year old left-back Horwood talking about his two and a half year move to Brunton Park :

" I'm looking forward to it, I've obviously trained today and met the lads, they have been brilliant with me. So hopefully starting with Crewe on Saturday we can get the three points. It's only been since the last couple of weeks that a few rumours have been flying about that they were interested. Obviously in the last week we have been sorting things out and then today I've signed.

" There was interest from other teams but Carlisle have obviously been showing the most interest and have been the best with me so I signed for Carlisle. I've been living here for the last four months and I'm getting to know the place now, playing with Gretna so it's been good. I was at Sheffield United for two and a half years and I've been doing a lot of loan moves, it's been very frustrating not getting a chance in the first-team there with Gary Naysmith playing there from Scotland. It's been very frustrating but coming here now has been good.

" I've been going on loan for two months and then coming back to Sheffield United and playing for the reserves, then going back out on loan. It's been hard to get my momentum going so I can come here and play some first-team games. I think there is a car school coming from the North-East down to Carlisle every day so I'll jump in with the lads hopefully. It's the same old story in the dressing-room, all the lads have been having a bit of crack, it's been good, they've all introduced themselves, they seem like a good set of lads.

" They've had a little couple of jokes at me but not much, calling me a monkey-hanger. Hopefully he (Paul Arnison) will take me under his wing and look after me. I'm a solid defender, I like getting forward and keeping the ball. I've got a couple of goals this season but in the past I haven't so hopefully I can keep that going, I scored last week and hopefully I can get a few here.

" I can't really put my finger on the difference between the SPL and here, I've been talking to Paul Murray about it as he is at Gretna. I can't really decide what it is, I'm not sure what the standard is like, obviously you've got the likes of Celtic and Rangers at the top end of the Championship or Premier League. Then you've got Hearts and Hibs who are also Championship, I would say it is like League One from the bottom end of the league in the Championship.

" Two weeks ago I was at Celtic playing against Celtic and obviously last week I was playing against Inverness at Inverness. The transition is unbelievable playing in front of 60,000 then next week playing in front of 5,000. It was a brilliant experience at Celtic, I've never had anything like that before in my life so it was a really good experience and a really good day out, just a shame about the result.

" The last time I was here I was on loan at Chester and we got smashed 5-0 a couple of seasons ago so the last time I was here I didn't really enjoy it. Hopefully there will be some good times to come. I trained today and they seem to have got some really good players, hopefully we can just push on now starting with Crewe on Saturday. "